Body Types – Which One is Right For Me?

In knowing what is my body type, I will be able to get the best workout to reach the goal I set for myself. If I know what is my body type, then I can get a workout program that will give me the results I want. I will then know what foods to have or take during the day. And I will know what exercises to do for each of those areas. Below are some methods on how to determine what is my body type:

How To Take Me Measurements? Body type calculator requires four measurements to properly determine your body shape. The first one is your BMI. You can use this measurement for the body mass index. The second one is your waist measurement and the third one is your hip measurement.

Which Body Types – There are five major types of body shapes. These are the ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, and the meso-type. Each of these categories has four sub-types as well. Knowing which body type I am will give me an idea of what kind of workout program to use.

How To Calculate My Body Shape – Here’s how to calculate my body shapes. The first thing to do is take the tape measure to your armpits. It should measure between two ribs below the breasts. The length should be between forty-five centimeters and fifty centimeters. The width should be between twenty centimeters and twenty-five centimeters.

What is my waist size? Your waist size will depend on your total weight and your height. Your mid-section is called the chest area, and your upper body is referred to as the shoulders and hips. The remaining area is known as the legs.

What is my body shape when looking at my upper body? The hourglass is represented by the muscles on top of the head. When looking down at the rest of my body, I have what is known as a “triangle” shape. This means that my upper body is widest at the top of the triangle and tapers to my lower body at the bottom.

What is my body type as seen from the hips? The hips are the main body types category represented when looking at my upper body. The ectomorph represents the person with the broadest hips. The endomorph has narrower hips, while the mesomorph is the opposite.

What is my body type as seen from my waist? This question confuses people often. The waist is part of the physique of the ectomorph, but is not represented by the ectomorphs. While both have narrow waistlines, the ectomorphs have longer ones while the endomorphs have shorter ones. Having a short waist will help you burn fat more quickly.

What is my body type as seen from my legs? Again confusing some. The leg profile is different between both the ectomorph and the endomorph. They have somewhat similar leg types, with the ectomorph having large and straight legs, while the endomorphs have wider and more unique ones. It really comes down to what you want to accomplish and which body types better suit your goals.

What is my body type as seen from my feet? Again confusing some. The feet of an endomorph are extremely wide, while those of an endomorph are short and stocky. The mesomorph has a generally wider foot profile with small to medium sized toes and large and shapely toes.

What is my body type as seen from my waist? Determining what your ideal body shape is, especially in relation to your bust can be tough. If you want to lose weight and define your hips, then you are likely more of a mesomorph or endomorph. If on the other hand, you want to add size to your bust then an endomorph is likely more desirable.

What is my body type as seen from my hormones? Hormones play a huge role in defining our bodies, whether we like it or not. It may surprise you to know that many people consider themselves to be ectomorphs or endomorphs depending on what their hormones are. So pay attention to what you eat and what you are drinking to see how your hormones will influence your body types.